Potholes in Follyfield

Follyfield is due to be cosmetically transformed with a 16mm layer of asphalt on 2 October, ‘following on from the patched in works carried out during 2020/21’, according to the note from the contractor we have all received.

Residents will be aware that there remain numerous potholes, some up to 50mm deep. Several of us have asked the Parish Council to request that the potholes be filled before the thin asphalt layer is added, and I have sent details of the location and depth of potholes to the Parish Clerk for forwarding to Wiltshire Highways.

If this is not done, we will be left with potholes, albeit smooth-sided, but still able to collect water which will freeze and break up the asphalt. More of our taxes wasted on a short-term bodge.

David & Claudine Pynn

5 thoughts on “Potholes in Follyfield

  1. Bunny Lees-Smith

    The readers should note that David used the right word ‘Cosmetically’ What is being specified is a preservative treatment which may last for a few years but is not a serious repair

    The following is from a net search.

    Micro Asphalt Works

    When used as a preventive maintenance treatment on pavements in relatively good condition, microsurfacing may last 7 to 10 years, although longer life times have been claimed [37]. On average, however, the life expectancy of a microsurfacing treatment is 5 to 7 years [49].

    I would question the viability of the proposal in the light of the heavy traffic that uses Follyfield. This has been raised at the last Parish council meeting and we await a reply.

    Bunny Lees-Smith

  2. mrbg1outlookcom


    You say “This has been raised at the last Parish council meeting and we await a reply”. It may not be what you meant – maybe you meant “we await a reply from Wilts Council” – but as written it say you’re waiting for a reply from the Parish Council.

    May I remind you that I emailed you the very next day to say that I had spoken to Highways to raise the issue and would be following up with an email too. A correction to your message would be helpful.


    PS As it happens, after that I sent David Pynn’s list of potholes to them as well – though I admit I now see David copied his email to you but I didn’t copy to you when I replied to him to tell him I had sent them on. And now on seeing his photograph on the website I’ve told him I’ll send photos to Highways if he will send them to me – which he has done and I’ll be sending them next..

  3. mrbg1outlookcom

    The following response has been received from Wiltshire Council (Highways Assets and Commissioning), following the Clerk making contact after the subject was raised at the recent PC meeting, then sending David Pynn’s list of current potholes, and then today sending David’s photographs:

    “The contractor is happy to proceed, they are on a performance contract and will be liable for failures, the defects on the site are well within what a micro surface can cope with, there will be regulating and repairs of the deeper areas as part of the process.”

    In other words they are confident that the treatment will work.

    I suppose time will tell who is right. Meanwhile as Clerk I’m dropping out of this conversation unless the PC wish me to do any more..


  4. Carolyn

    Hello Follyfield Residents

    The comment already posted is very valid. The proposed sticking plaster effect to resurfing Follyfield if allowed to go ahead without further serious sorting of the holes will be a disaster. The council will tick the box as done and possibly another 30 years plus will pass before it comes up again to be done. (My father is one of the original residents so we are well aware how long it has been since it was last resurfaced) One final comment is that the road sweeper clearing the chipping will probably lift the edges of a newly laid surface which has been put down on an uneven surface. I have seen the damage it has done in recent years round Follyfield.

    Carolyn Perchard >


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