The Queens Jubilee & The Grapevine

The Queens Jubilee, June 2022 and the Grapevine
A special commemorative edition.

Events – The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

We are planning a special edition of the Grapevine to celebrate Her Majesty’s long reign by producing a Grapevine covering the last 70 years in Hankerton. 

We are asking for photographs, stories, to include anything that you have witnessed or recorded over the last 70 years. Please search your photographs and memories and send them to :

If you would like to talk to Susan or Mary please ring Susan on 577526 or Mary on 577394.

We can safely scan old photographs so that you do not lose the originals! 

We look forward to producing a bumper Grapevine, which will be printed and distributed. 

Susan Mockler

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