Can Can !

Here’s a message from David Pynn which he asked me to share. So I have !
I’m not sure if everyone is aware that David regularly walks the area collecting the rubbish left by others – I think we all owe him !

A haul of John Smiths cans from the verges near the passing place on the lane to Crudwell, just after the Hankerton charity field. The trouble is we share the road with the bibulous can chuckers.
David Pynn

2 thoughts on “Can Can !

  1. Graham Walkinshaw

    You’re a Saint,David and a truly public spirited gentleman.Your continuous dedication to keeping the verges and ditches in the village clear of litter are very much appreciated.Thank you.
    Clear evidence from your latest ‘haul’ that the village desperately needs its own pub, perhaps !!..


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