Help For Ukraine

Hankerton is a kind and caring community and I’m sure we all feel helpless at the moment watching the unfolding war in the Ukraine. Everyone wants to do something to help in some small way and if you haven’t already, you can donate money to the Red Cross/DEC appeal via this link-

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | British Red Cross

As well as monetary donations however, the refugees do need certain supplies – as a church/village initiative we will be placing 2 crates inside the church porch for donations of the following:-

Foil survival blankets
Sanitary towels
First Aid Kits
Sleeping bags
Metal cups
Thermal clothing
Children’s clothes

If anyone would like items collected, that can also be arranged.

Please ring Valerie on 577723 or Heather on 577403

Nigel and Val Durnford will deliver all donations to a collection/ distribution centre.

Many thanks in advance for your generosity.

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