PPG Update

Surgery News:
The MPCC (Malmesbury Primary Care Centre) has 16,470 patients at present and the
practice employs 14 doctors.
Each doctor has 15 appointments available in the morning and 15 appointments in the
In Oct/Nov 2021 there were on average 120 patients each week who were unable to
obtain an appointment. In January 2022 the surgery had on average to turn away 20
patients each week. The surgery is now back up and running and is offering a normal level of service.

Dr Neale is retiring and her departure will coincide with Dr Yuka Ikegaya returning from
maternity leave.
Lisa Hepworth is no longer with the surgery and the Carers Café which Lisa organised has been put on hold and is under review.
One new Advanced Care Practitioner has been employed to deal with on the day urgent

Community Pharmacists:
Patients should contact the surgery reception if they have any non-urgent problems. They may be referred to a community pharmacist, e.g., Boots or another pharmacy of their own choice who can dispense medication to patients for example for Hay Fever.

North Wilts Border Primary Care Network:
Is a group of five practices consisting of Malmesbury, Purton, Sherston, Cricklade & Royal Wootton Bassett x 2 who work together across a defined area.
Primary Care Networks help to make sure that patients are supported and signposted to the health and care professional who is best placed to help – this could be a GP,
pharmacist, district nurse, physiotherapist, paramedic, physician associate, as well as staff working in social care or the voluntary sector.
Additional future staffing positions across the group will share medical practitioners of:
– 2 Care Coordinators
– 2 Paramedics who will mostly attend to frail patients.
– 2 Physician Associates
As MPCC is the larger of the five practices the staff will spend a high percentage of their
week at Malmesbury.
As an action from the 2021 patient survey, MPCC agreed to circulate more information
about the GP practice team. If you wish to know more the following link will provide details.
If anyone would like to raise a question or provide feedback about the service they’ve
received from the MPCC I’ll be very happy to take this forward for you. If you could let me have the details, my telephone number is 07856 202115. The next meeting dates are on 6 June and 1 August 2022.


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