Planning Application Green Notices

Many residents will know about the green paper notices that announce when planning applications have been submitted, these notices being pinned up nearby the property in question.  The following has just been spotted:

Q – Will Wilts Council be stopping posting green planning notices?

A – It has been agreed that as part of operational efficiencies, site notices will only be posted where there is a statutory need to do so. In accordance with the publicity requirements for planning applications certain notices are required to be published, e.g. for applications affecting Listed Buildings otherwise the requirement is to notify those who physically adjoin an application site OR to post a site notice. We are therefore notifying neighbours in the usual manner and will only be posting site notices, other than the statutory ones, where the case officer feels it is essential to do so.

Michael Bromley Gardner (Clerk to the Parish Council)

[Ed. This reminded me of a work meeting I went to many years ago.
I was explaining to a very senior academic in a large northern university how the project management of their new IT systems project would work. As I explained the various elements he became more and more unhappy until in the end he burst out with “Simon !! I don’t have time for all this planning nonsense ! I need to get things DONE !!”

As I left the building I looked at the business card he had given me…. ‘Alan XXXXXXX – Vice Principal Finance and Planning’ ]

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