Recycling !

Just a quick reminder – tomorrow (Monday 28th) should be recycling day.

From the Wiltshire County website :

Are recycling services resuming straight away?

Recycling services will resume from Monday 21 March, and people are asked to put out their blue lidded bin and black box on their scheduled collection day from this date. The staff returning to work on Friday 18 March will now assist in the recovery of any general waste or garden waste that was not collected due to the service disruption caused by the strike.

Will crews still be collecting additional recycling materials that don’t fit in blue lidded bins/black box?

Yes. If you have any additional recycling materials that don’t fit in your blue lidded bin/black box please put them in non-black bags and suitable containers (such as plastic crates) and they will be collected by the crews.  We don’t advise residents to use black bags as this can be mistaken for residual waste. 

Are household and garden waste collections taking place as normal?

Yes. Please put these bins out on your normal collection day and they will be emptied.

Will there be any delays to bins being emptied?

Possibly. As waste crews catch up it could mean a slight delay to bins being emptied. We also anticipate a lot of extra recyclable materials being placed out for collection from 21 March, which could slow those collections down a little. If your bins aren’t emptied on your scheduled collection day please leave them out and they will be collected as soon as possible.

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