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Hankerton Footpath Team Walk (20 Mar 22)

Striding out, in bright sunshine ☀️ 

The Hankerton Footpath Team arranged their first village walk on Sunday, 20 March 2022. 

A dozen villagers set out on a bright, sunny morning to walk a circuit of Hankerton.

We left the church, heading up HANK 20 and round Andover’s Gorse, passing through Bullocks Horn and back down on to the Cloatley Road via HANK 31; a right/left turn later we were passing through Cloatley Meadows and Hankerton Copse to return back to the church via various footpaths, including HANK 2, 4 and 3. 

On arrival back at the church, coffee, croissants and kitkats awaited and the walkers lingered a while to have a snack and chat in the sun. 

We hope to arrange our next walk in April – likely 10 April – and hope others will join us. Details to follow. 

Thanks to all who turned out, with special thanks to Jacqui & Ida for their help organising/providing refreshments, and to the Hankerton Church Group for allowing us to use their facilities. 

Here are some photos from the day. 


Recycling Resumes !

Message from Wiltshire County :
[NB. I think our next scheduled collection is 28th March]

Hills Municipal Collections and GMB Union have confirmed they have reached an agreement, which means the waste collection strike has now concluded with immediate effect, and our recycling collections will resume next week.
Our contractor Hills Municipal Collections has confirmed those workers that were on strike will return to work on Friday 18 March. Therefore, our kerbside recycling collections will resume as normal from Monday 21 March.
Please put your blue lidded bins and black boxes out on your scheduled day from Monday 21 March. Due to the recent disruption there may still be slight delays to the collection due to the higher volumes of materials we expect, so if your recycling containers aren’t emptied on your scheduled day please leave them out, and they will be collected as soon as possible.
You will still be able to leave additional recycling that has mounted up during the disruption; please leave any additional recycling materials in non-black bags or containers (such as plastic crates) next to the recycling bins and the crews will collect them.
Household and garden waste collections will continue as normal so please put those bins out on your normal scheduled day. If those are not collected as scheduled they will be collected as soon as possible.
In summary, the key things you need to know:

  • Recycling collection services will resume from Monday 21 March
  • Please put out your black box and blue lidded bin on your scheduled day from 21 March
  • If recycling bins are not emptied on your scheduled day please leave them out, and they will be collected as soon as possible
  • Any additional recycling materials stockpiled during the disruption will be collected. Please put those items in non-black bags or containers (such as a plastic crate) next to your recycling bins
  • Household and garden waste collections continue as normal so please put those bins out on your normal collection day. There could still be slight delays so please leave your bins out until collected
  • If you’re unsure on when your collection day is, please visit our website.

If you have any queries please visit our FAQs

Recycling Suspension Extended

Recycling Suspension Extended

This from Wiltshire County :-

  16 March 2022   Share Share Tweet Tweet Forward Forward       Update on disruption to waste services: recycling collections suspension extended
Due to further industrial action confirmed by the GMB Union, we have made the difficult decision to extend our suspension of recycling collection services until the week of 4 April. This does not affect household waste or garden waste collections, which will continue.
The GMB Union, which is in dispute with our contractor Hills Municipal Collections, has confirmed they will be striking until at least 2 April.
This means that recycling collection services won’t resume until the week of 4 April, and not the previously stated 21 March. Please do not put your blue lidded bins and black boxes out until your next collection day from 4 April onwards.
When recycling services do resume from 4 April, waste crews will accept additional materials that don’t fit in blue lidded bins or black boxes, so please leave them in bags, bin bags and crates and they will be picked up if they are left next to the recycling containers. However, if you are unable to store additional materials at home you can take them to your nearest household recycling centre (HRC). All Wiltshire HRCs are operating as normal.
We have a dedicated FAQ page with a host of information and this will be updated for the duration of the industrial action with everything you need on any change or disruption to waste services.

Please continue to put out your household and garden waste bins out on your normal collection days, and if for any reason they aren’t emptied as scheduled then they will be the following day where possible.
If any additional industrial action is confirmed we’ll keep you updated on the possible impact to our services.
This dispute is between Hills Municipal Collections and the GMB Union and out of our direct control, and we hope it can be resolved as quickly as possible.
Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing, and we thank you for your patience.  

Planning Application Green Notices

Many residents will know about the green paper notices that announce when planning applications have been submitted, these notices being pinned up nearby the property in question.  The following has just been spotted:

Q – Will Wilts Council be stopping posting green planning notices?

A – It has been agreed that as part of operational efficiencies, site notices will only be posted where there is a statutory need to do so. In accordance with the publicity requirements for planning applications certain notices are required to be published, e.g. for applications affecting Listed Buildings otherwise the requirement is to notify those who physically adjoin an application site OR to post a site notice. We are therefore notifying neighbours in the usual manner and will only be posting site notices, other than the statutory ones, where the case officer feels it is essential to do so.

Michael Bromley Gardner (Clerk to the Parish Council)

[Ed. This reminded me of a work meeting I went to many years ago.
I was explaining to a very senior academic in a large northern university how the project management of their new IT systems project would work. As I explained the various elements he became more and more unhappy until in the end he burst out with “Simon !! I don’t have time for all this planning nonsense ! I need to get things DONE !!”

As I left the building I looked at the business card he had given me…. ‘Alan XXXXXXX – Vice Principal Finance and Planning’ ]

Boundary Commission Consultation

The Boundary Commission for England is currently running a consultation of its revised proposals for English parliamentary constituencies.  Find ours here – .  The consultation runs until 4 April.

Michael Bromley Gardner (Clerk to Parish Council)

(NB. You can click through on the map to read people’s comments… Ed.)

HFT Walk (Sun 20 Mar)

Spring is coming and the Hankerton Footpath Team (HFT) are arranging a walk! Please join us on Sunday 20th March for a walk on some of our lovely footpaths.

The plan is to meet at the church at 10.30am and head towards the back of Banbury Hill Farm on Hank 20/11, then to bear left on the bridleway south of Andovers Gorse, through Bullocks Horn, then veer north onto Hank 31. From there we can cross the Wiltshire Wildlife Meadows back to the church . Piers and Ida have promised coffee and croissants on arrival !

It would be lovely to see any footpath walkers and supporters.
Thank you
Jacqui Erskine Crum

PPG Update

Surgery News:
The MPCC (Malmesbury Primary Care Centre) has 16,470 patients at present and the
practice employs 14 doctors.
Each doctor has 15 appointments available in the morning and 15 appointments in the
In Oct/Nov 2021 there were on average 120 patients each week who were unable to
obtain an appointment. In January 2022 the surgery had on average to turn away 20
patients each week. The surgery is now back up and running and is offering a normal level of service.

Dr Neale is retiring and her departure will coincide with Dr Yuka Ikegaya returning from
maternity leave.
Lisa Hepworth is no longer with the surgery and the Carers Café which Lisa organised has been put on hold and is under review.
One new Advanced Care Practitioner has been employed to deal with on the day urgent

Community Pharmacists:
Patients should contact the surgery reception if they have any non-urgent problems. They may be referred to a community pharmacist, e.g., Boots or another pharmacy of their own choice who can dispense medication to patients for example for Hay Fever.

North Wilts Border Primary Care Network:
Is a group of five practices consisting of Malmesbury, Purton, Sherston, Cricklade & Royal Wootton Bassett x 2 who work together across a defined area.
Primary Care Networks help to make sure that patients are supported and signposted to the health and care professional who is best placed to help – this could be a GP,
pharmacist, district nurse, physiotherapist, paramedic, physician associate, as well as staff working in social care or the voluntary sector.
Additional future staffing positions across the group will share medical practitioners of:
– 2 Care Coordinators
– 2 Paramedics who will mostly attend to frail patients.
– 2 Physician Associates
As MPCC is the larger of the five practices the staff will spend a high percentage of their
week at Malmesbury.
As an action from the 2021 patient survey, MPCC agreed to circulate more information
about the GP practice team. If you wish to know more the following link will provide details.
If anyone would like to raise a question or provide feedback about the service they’ve
received from the MPCC I’ll be very happy to take this forward for you. If you could let me have the details, my telephone number is 07856 202115. The next meeting dates are on 6 June and 1 August 2022.


Annual Village Litter Pick

The Hankerton Annual village litter pick will take place on Saturday 26th March at 10am.

Please meet at the turning circle outside the Church to collect some bin bags and litter picking equipment. All are welcome.  This is a great opportunity to help keep the village tidy and enjoy the outdoors too! Hoping the rain will stay away! 

Look forward to seeing you there. Any questions please email 

Ukraine Appeal

There has been a wonderful response and people have been very kind and generous.

Thanks to everyone for their donations. The cut off day for further donations will be next Monday (14th March).

That will give me time to sort it and take it to a distribution centre by the middle of next week.