Minety Solar Farm Plan

Many thanks to Geoff for organising this poll to see what villagers think about the planned Minety Solar Farm. Here are the results !

There were a total of 68 votes cast but Geoff was able to see that some of the “Yes” votes were duplicates and without those the total number of votes cast was 59.

So what do you think ? Should we be embracing this sort of technology more to find out what people in the village think about important issues ?

2 thoughts on “Minety Solar Farm Plan

  1. Craig McCallum

    on line polls are a generally a good idea but, looking at the limited number of votes recorded, this may not be a true picture. However, some people can’t be bothered or haven’t received the poll request.

  2. Dai Davies

    This “survey” is not what the villagers think. It’s what a small group think and if there is any deduction to be made it is the vast majority don’t care or we’re not aware of the pole.it’s the same as how we were landed with a Welsh assembly in Wales. Most people didn’t vote but the minority that did voted for devolution.Time has in my opinion shown this to be a mistake. These opinions are my own and not the Parish Council Dai Davies

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