Wild Flowers

From Simon Kearsley (website manager) – this one really is me !

I don’t know who’s idea it was to put a wild flower border at the junction of Vicarage Lane and Cloatley Road and the sign just says “Parish Council” but what a great idea !   Thank You !   to whoever it was !

I’d be very happy to help spreading the idea even further next year if we can do that ? !  

2 thoughts on “Wild Flowers

  1. lmhendygmailcom

    I totally agree Simon it would be wonderful if we could expand the idea My thought was maybe we could ask a wildflower seed company to sponsor & we could post sighs saying sponsored by…. You get the picture Lindy

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  2. Sue Jones

    Yes thanks a bunch 😉
    It’s such a joy seeing them
    More verges next year?? Happy to help too


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