Ukrainians with Cathy and Dai

From Cathy and Dai

We have a family of four Ukrainians (parents:inne & Alexander)(14yr old boy:yelysei  & 16 year old girl:Stella) that arrived last night. We are trying to introduce them to the UK and Hankerton – busy this week sorting out the necessary!

They will be coming to the Hankerton tea party next Sunday. If anyone in the village would like to help in any way – meeting local families/walks/do bus journeys with them/talking and teaching English

In particular any boys aged 14 and girls aged 16 who would like to make friends with them (and we have bikes too!)

1 thought on “Ukrainians with Cathy and Dai

  1. Mary O'Brien

    What a lovely thing to do! I hope they’ll be very happy here in Hankerton and look forward to meeting them. In case you didn’t know, a wonderful lady called Danya Norris Clark is currently teaching conversational English to Ukrainian families (for free) at the Riverside Community Centre in Malmesbury (next to the big Co-op) every Thursday from 1pm-2pm. If they’d be interested I can put you in touch with her.


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