Parish Council Update

From Robin Tjolle – Parish Council Chair

The Hankerton Parish Council meets regularly and had its latest meeting on the 4th July to discuss a number of areas affecting the village. They were pleased to note that a number of plans to develop the village had come to fruition including the installation of a Wild Flower verge (led by Cllr Dai Davies) and the new bench celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee in the Church yard (led by Cllr Robin Tjolle). Please feel free to sit and enjoy the views of our beautiful church. The Parish Council were also pleased to welcome their new member Cllr Kate Nurden and the election of Cllr Jacqui Erskin-Crum as the new deputy chair.

Ideas to further develop the village were also discussed including installing a flag pole by the bus shelter (so we can raise a relevant flag to celebrate upcoming anniversaries and other events) – views from residents on whether they would support this would be welcome in time for the next meeting. Also the PC would welcome suggestions on where to site further wild flower verges in the village. Plans are also underway to resurface the turning circle by the church and improve the path behind Hillwell. The PC also agreed to scale back on unnecessary verge cutting throughout the village.

The PC is keen to see how it can support events within the village post-pandemic to bring residents together on a more regular basis and again suggestions are welcome.

Finally, the PC also agreed a revised process for considering planning applications (following Wiltshire County Council’s decision to remove the installation of green signs).

The Parish Council meetings are open to all and the decisions it makes affect all of us and our surroundings so it would be great to see all those who are interested come along – especially those with views on flagpoles, events and wild flowers! The next meeting is 5th September in the North Aisle at 7:30pm.  We hope to see you then.

If you have comments / ideas please fill in the form below and they will be sent to the Parish Council.

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  1. Anthony Newcombe

    Flagpole – yes please

    Wildflower verges – yes please wherever you like

    Warm regards,

    Tony & Bev Newcombe.

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