From Me, Simon. with thanks to Michael Bromley Gardner.

I’m not sure where to start really ! There’s lots of roadworks happening in the next few weeks (along with Womad of course !).

Here’s a map of what’s going on from 25 July to 28 August :

As far as I can see there’s 4 “areas of interest”
1. 27 Jul – 29 Jul
From Charlton the road to Garsdon / Lea.

2. 8 Aug – 10 Aug
C92 at sewage works near Brookside Cottage.

3. 12 Aug – 14 Aug
C90 Minety to Oaksey

4. 15 Aug – 26 Aug
B4040 from Vicarage Lane towards Minety

These works have changed dates recently so you may want to check the One Network website from time to time to get up to date information.

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