Wessex Week

From Susan Mockler (susanmockler@aol.com)

We’re delighted to tell you that Wessex Week is now online.

Please visit : www.wessex-week.org for details of all events and for acquiring tickets.  

Speakers include, Tony McAleavy, Marc Morris and Ryan Lavalle; Richard Robbins and Trevor Hicks (Capital Burgesses from the Warden and Freemen); some ‘Wessex Words’ from Lesley Saunders, Tony Burke and John O’Brien.

Creative writing workshop with Lesley Saunders, Guided walk with Campbell Ritchie, the archives, maces and original Birds-Eye-View of the Warden and Freemen on view. 

We will be producing printed tickets and posters/fliers in the next couple of weeks.

Tickets will be on sale in the TIC from early September.