Parish Council Website

Over the last few weeks the Parish Council has been asked to make council information more available and in more detail.
The time has therefore come to give the Parish Council it’s own dedicated website ! 

You can find it here :

It contains meeting agendas, meeting minutes, accounts, planning details and lots of other useful information.

As new information appears the PC will create a “post” explaining what’s arrived.

If you want to receive those posts into you email Inbox then you’ll need to “subscribe” on the site. It couldn’t be easier !  Just go to the website, and enter your email address here :
You’ll then get all the information about planning, meeting minutes and so on.

The plan is also for the PC to make a regular summary “post” on this main village website as well but if you want to see more PC information “as it happens” then you should subscribe to the PC website as well.

  1. Go to the Parish Council Website
  2. Enter your email address in the “Subscribe” box
  3. Press the “Subscribe” button

Thats it !