Parish Council

From : Michael Bromley Gardner (

There are 2 recent vacancies on the Parish Council, both caused by resignations due to pressure of work/increased workload in ‘the day job’. 

Electors from Hankerton Parish may if they wish request an election to fill these vacancies, but one will not happen unless at least 10 electors do so.  Any such requests must be sent in writing to Wiltshire Council by 30 March, to an address that is given on the formal notices of the vacancies which you can find on the Parish Council website under the News tab (or get it from the Parish Clerk).  There is a proforma which you can use, but do not have to, which can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

If at least 10 electors do not request an election, the PC will be authorised to co-opt new Cllrs.

So now – the PC will be very keen to hear of residents who would be interested in becoming Cllrs.  Would you like to influence things in the village and/or in the wider parish?  This is your chance.  Pass your name through any current Cllr or direct to the Parish Clerk –

More detail will follow later on what the role entails.