Recycling – Let’s Sort It Campaign

From : Michael Bromley Gardner

In essence the ‘Let’s sort it’ campaign aims to reduce the number of contaminated materials being put into recycling bins. These contaminated products often damage or break machinery used in the material sorting process which costs significant time, money and resource.

Some of the key materials to avoid in our household recycling are:

•             shredded paper,

•             textiles

•             plastic films,

•             scrap metal

•             other general waste items

From now on Wilts Council will respond to contamination found in recycling by:

i) Amber bin hanger left where contamination is minor, incorrect items removed by crew, remainder of bin emptied or….

ii) Red bin hanger left where contamination is severe, bin not emptied.  Address will be recorded on the in-cab system and shared with council’s client team.

There’s a flyer here :

…and this link takes one to a detailed and very clear page about it all.  Also see this link .

It will benefit all of us in Wiltshire if we can all get our recycling right.