This is the Hankerton village website. Hankerton or as it was called in ancient times Hanekington, once belonged to the Abbey of Malmesbury. Located about 3 miles east of Malmesbury 10 miles west of Swindon, the village has about 100 homes with a population of approximately 210 people, a dairy farm, an Aberdeen Angus beef farm and an arable farm. We have a local car repair business, a Lifestyle beauty business and a fabric and soft furnishing business.

The Website

  • Main Website :              Simon Kearsley (simon.kearsley@symmetry.co.uk)
  • Church Area :                Craig McCallum (craigmccallum@btinternet.com)
  • History Group :             Bunny Lees-Smith (bunnyleessmith@btinternet.com)
  • Golf Club :                      David Wood (bwkdave@btinternet.com)

How Do I ?
I have recorded some simple videos of how to do basic things on the website. They’re on YouTube but all you need to do is click the link, the video will open in a new tab, and leave this page open for you to come back to later.
If the video is a bit fuzzy then remember to tell YouTube that you want better quality using this icon at the bottom right of the screen. YouTube graphic

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