Recycling – Let’s Sort It Campaign

From : Michael Bromley Gardner

In essence the ‘Let’s sort it’ campaign aims to reduce the number of contaminated materials being put into recycling bins. These contaminated products often damage or break machinery used in the material sorting process which costs significant time, money and resource.

Some of the key materials to avoid in our household recycling are:

•             shredded paper,

•             textiles

•             plastic films,

•             scrap metal

•             other general waste items

From now on Wilts Council will respond to contamination found in recycling by:

i) Amber bin hanger left where contamination is minor, incorrect items removed by crew, remainder of bin emptied or….

ii) Red bin hanger left where contamination is severe, bin not emptied.  Address will be recorded on the in-cab system and shared with council’s client team.

There’s a flyer here :

…and this link takes one to a detailed and very clear page about it all.  Also see this link .

It will benefit all of us in Wiltshire if we can all get our recycling right.

Litter Pick Postponed

Sadly following an early morning inspection, due to the very wet conditions underfoot, we will have to postpone our litter pick this morning.

However if you are still eager, I have the equipment here so if anyone wants to carry on at some point today or tomorrow please just pop by our house (Summerhouse, Church lane) and I can let you have a picker and a bag. We are around all weekend. I’ll find another date soon.

Thanks Robin

Starting University This Year ?

From : Nicola Hillier (01380 738985)

Wiltshire Community Foundation offers grants to young people in Wiltshire and Swindon who need support with the costs of studying an undergraduate degree at university. The One Degree More bursary is £1,600 for each year of the course to help with general living expenses, course costs, books and equipment. We are now open for applications for those stating university this year.

Who is eligible to apply – young people can apply for a university bursary if they:

• are under 24 years old

• have lived in Wiltshire or Swindon for at least 2 years

• parents or guardians receive 2 means-tested benefits (2 elements of Universal Credit)

• eligible for funding through Student Finance England

• studying for first undergraduate degree at a UK university or college

Applications close on 15 May 2023. Apply today by visiting:

Nicola Hillier
Grants Officer

Wiltshire Community Foundation
Sandcliff House
21 Northgate Street
SN10 1JT

Tel: 01380 738985

Hankerton Parish Council Needs You !

From : Michael Bromley Gardner / Robin Tjolle

Two vacancies have recently become available on the Parish Council and we need a couple of people to join to help us deliver our work in supporting the community.

The PC only meets once every two months and generally the meetings only last for 90mins and it is a great opportunity to help support your community and improve this wonderful village of ours. No previous experience is necessary,  just a willingness to get involved!  We look after many areas of village life to help benefit the whole community and it is important that we ensure all the voices from across the village are heard.

So if you are interested in joining please contact Michael Bromley Gardner – Parish Clerk –

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the next PC meeting.

Annual Village Litter Pick

The Hankerton Annual village litter pick will take place on Saturday 1st April at 10am.

Please meet at the turning circle outside the Church to collect some bin bags and litter picking equipment. All are welcome.  This is a great opportunity to help keep the village tidy and enjoy the outdoors too! Hoping the rain will stay away! 

Look forward to seeing you there. Any questions please email 

Parish Council

From : Michael Bromley Gardner (

There are 2 recent vacancies on the Parish Council, both caused by resignations due to pressure of work/increased workload in ‘the day job’. 

Electors from Hankerton Parish may if they wish request an election to fill these vacancies, but one will not happen unless at least 10 electors do so.  Any such requests must be sent in writing to Wiltshire Council by 30 March, to an address that is given on the formal notices of the vacancies which you can find on the Parish Council website under the News tab (or get it from the Parish Clerk).  There is a proforma which you can use, but do not have to, which can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

If at least 10 electors do not request an election, the PC will be authorised to co-opt new Cllrs.

So now – the PC will be very keen to hear of residents who would be interested in becoming Cllrs.  Would you like to influence things in the village and/or in the wider parish?  This is your chance.  Pass your name through any current Cllr or direct to the Parish Clerk –

More detail will follow later on what the role entails.

Aerial Images of Hankerton

Jon Christensen has recently taken some aerial pictures of Hankerton which I have combined with some earlier ones (Thanks David Wood and Jon) and put onto the website in the Galleries area.

The images date back to 2008 with the latest ones being taken in 2023.

If you want to have a look just click <here>

Or, when on the website look at the “Galleries” page – it’s in the menu at the top of the page.