Be On The Lookout

I do want to let you know that my car has been emptied of 4 pairs of sunglasses, 3 jackets (waiting to go to the dry cleaners) , all my shopping bags (to put jackets in?), a small dog blanket and a large metal candle holder is missing from a barn (wrapped in dog blanket?). I fear I may have left the car unlocked on Monday (possibly..can’t quite recall) as the driving seat position had been altered. My neighbour also had an unsolicited visit last week from a man who wandered around the yard,( watched by her) and then left. So keep an eye and lock your car…Jacqui Erskine Crum at Dolmans Farm, Cloatley Road.


Even Faster Internet Coming To Hankerton

The arrival of the new green cabinet, positioned at the entrance of Follyfield, eventually made a ‘Superfast’ internet connection a reality to many in Hankerton. This system called Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) uses the copper telephone cables from the cabinet up to our houses, and the shorter this distance (and the less joints) the better the speed you can obtain. If you’re close enough the speed offered is adequate for most casual users today, but not if you’re further away or a heavy user. Additionally, as decades ago some of the cable it relies on was poorly installed, corrosion has led to less than expected speed. Recently I experienced a total failure and Openreach needed to replace a short length of underground cable.

Gigaclear are rolling out ‘Ultrafast’ across parts of the country and you may have noticed roadworks with big orange drums of ducting recently in the local area. This system called Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) uses a dedicated fibre optic cable straight to the house. It can provide speeds much faster than FTTC and is unaffected by distance. Hankerton is part of their plan for this year and they are currently mapping out the design. I would strongly suggest that you register your address with an interest even if you don’t think you need the potential speed now. It will likely mean that when they come past they put a point for you to connect to in the future when you do. If you are one of those who still can’t get fast internet or are a heavy user then this is a potential solution.

You can register your interest here

17 Follyfield

Hankerton Cycling

As a regular cyclist it is apparent we have more cyclists in the village than I realized. In addition there are people who would like to try cycling but don’t feel joining a local club is for them but may be interested in a social ride locally.

If this interests you, I would be happy to arrange some mid-week social rides from the village, which would include a café stop.

Don’t worry if you have not ridden before, or for some time, the aim of the rides will be to provide a supportive environment to get into cycling and the health benefits it brings. You don’t need to have the latest bike or kit, and I would be happy to help if people need some help getting their bikes ready for the rides. The idea would be to tailor the rides to those who sign up.

If you are interested then drop me a line at If you are an existing cyclist, then give some idea of level to help co-ordinate things).


Take a break! Have a Chit-chat!

Children’s Crafts – Coffee – Chat
Thursday 18th April 10 am-12pm @ The Hub
Malmesbury Town Hall

There will be a variety of fun crafts for children to make and take. Tea and coffee for adults to enjoy whilst your children are creating. Please note there will be volunteers to help the children with the crafts, but the children remain the responsibility of the parents throughout your visit. So please do not drop them off.

This event is free and sponsored by Hope Church Malmesbury.


Hankerton Community Area – Old Farm Close

Following the hard work of some wonderful volunteers on Sat 6 Apr 19, the Parish Council owned Hankerton Community Area at the end of Old Farm Close has been returned to a tidy state and is now ready for all residents to enjoy in the summer months. With the Parish Council now looking to make it an area everyone can enjoy, we plan to reconvene the committee established to improve the area to finalise our plans. Once complete, we will hold a public meeting in the coming months allowing all residents to understand exactly how we propose the site is used and, importantly, to hear everyone’s views.

In the interim, anyone who would like to volunteer to help is encouraged to email Dan Lydiate at

Quiz Night

Charlton and Hankerton Spring Quiz is on Saturday 27 April, 7pm for a 7.30pm start; Charlton Village Hall. Tickets are £8, which includes a Ploughman’s buffet. Proceeds go towards the Village Hall. Tickets are available from John Thorne (tel. 575498; Crossways, Church Lane) or on the night. More information is on the poster.

This is an additional quiz to the one organised by John Thorne and Philip Carter, which will return in the autumn.

Thank you

Quiz Poster 2019