Strawberry Tea 2022

From Philip Carter


At the weekend, 16th and 17th July, there was the usual “Coffee and Chat” held on Saturday morning outside the church, rather than in the North Aisle. It was hot enough to have one table under the holly tree (see photo) and a good time was had by all.  Anybody is welcome each Saturday from 11am till noon, in or out depending on the weather.

Then, on Sunday morning, a good number of strong villagers turned up on time to set up various marquees, tents and gazebos. The attached photo was taken before 55 people appeared at about 3pm for a couple of hours of chat plus strawberries and cream and cakes, all prepared and served by another good gang of villagers and volunteers. It was a pleasure to have the Ukrainian family of four with us. There was also an excellent raffle of varied prizes and nearly everybody won something!  Huge thanks to all who helped in any way but no names mentioned because I might forget someone!

Philip Carter