Winter 2022

This page has been created to help the residents of Hankerton deal with the cost of living and energy crisis of winter 2022.  The links below provide information that might help. If you “Follow” this blog the site will send you an email when important news is posted. Click on the “Follow” link on the right hand side and then check your inbox and confirm (NB Check your “junk” folder too). PLEASE FORWARD THESE DETAILS ON – the aim is to get everyone in the village connected to the site in case urgent information needs to be pushed out.

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The Parish Council have been thinking about how they could help and have published this letter : hankerton-pc-letter

The village also has a WhatsApp group where people can let everyone know of various things as they happen. The group is “private” to prevent it getting overrun with adverts and items that are nothing to do with the village so if you want to be included please just email Geoff Preston, Robin Tjolle, or Simon Kearsley (if you click on the name it will open up an email for you).

Finally, here are links that people may find useful.

Useful Links – Local
Malmesbury Food Bank
Village IT Support

Useful Links – Wider Area
Wiltshire Council Financial Support
Scottish & Southern Electricity Priority Services

People That Are Happy To Help
Parish Councillors
Robin Tjolle  – – 07801 891429
Dai Davies – –  07900 580767
Jaqui Erskine-Crum – – 07825 580523
Richard Barrow – – 07885 298316
Kate Nurden –  – 07377 156524
Piers Johansen – – 07920 806247

County Councillor
Elizabeth Threlfall – 07778 110936