Hankerton VE Day Marathon Plus 

Hankerton and VE Day  May 8th 2020

May 8th 1945 was declared  a day of celebration throughout the country as Germany had  surrendered to the Allies early on May 7th, and the six long years of fighting in Europe had come to an end. Millions of people up and down the country greeted the news with bonfires, bunting, parades and parties.

VE Day Celebrations May 8th 2020

Photos are <here> (thanks Terry)

It was a shame that the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the end of war in Europe, Victory in Europe Day, could not be celebrated by the village as a whole and the original plans had to be shelved.

Sue Wood, Bunny Lees-Smith and Peter Wyman, on behalf of the history group,  put together an excellent mini-exhibition in the bus shelter.  It was colourful, informative and acted as a chance to remember ‘Jack’ ( Arthur John) Tugwell whose commemorative plaque is on the wall. At 11 o’clock there were 40 people standing in silence around the shelter to pay tribute to all who served in World War II. A reading of ‘ A Cry For Peace Around the World’ reminded everyone of the sacrifices made.

Thank you and well done to everyone who participated in the ‘marathon plus’ on Follyfield to celebrate VE Day.

The weather could not have been better as brave and enthusiastic families and individuals walked, ran or cycled around Follyfield. In all 46 people took part, so it certainly was a ‘marathon plus’ as 46 miles were completed! Supporters cheered and clapped from their front gardens as well as enjoying tea, cakes and a glass of something at 3pm.

Thank you to everyone for sponsoring this event – families, friends, residents and even the Wheatsheaf in Crudwell ! Donations should be sent directly to the Malmesbury Area Covid-19 Emergency Hardship Fund, found on the Town Council website and under the auspices of HEALS Malmesbury.

A Cry For Peace Around the World

Oyez Oyez Oyez

Citizens, one and all,
Please join this cry for peace, that you now hear from me.
Remember men and women, young and old, who died to to make us free.
The women left at home did not just sit and wait.
They toiled in harsh conditions before dawn to very late.
Factories, farms, other essential jobs, the women were quick at learning.
They worked, some died, to keep the home fires burning.
As we remember this special day , do not forget that every day someone needs your aid,
Do not put away your poppies, letting your memories fade.
Celebrate with the knowledge that VE Day is also a time to remember, Beyond the solemn wreaths of the 11th of November.
Let’s thank all those who have gone before , with their colours proudly unfurled. Join us as united we say, “Peace to the World”.

God Save the Queen

Susan Mockler