Michael’s Butchers

Michael’s Butchers in Malmesbury offer a delivery service and can supply :-

Meat (see price list : Meat Product List)
Sausages and burgers (see sausage list : Sausage-range)
Pies, pasties, quiches, scotch eggs
Hot food (see list : Over 65 menu)
Cheese, Milk, Eggs, Butter, Orange and Apple juice

Their product range is so big that I can’t list all the items individually. So what I’ve done is create areas where you can type in what you want – REMEMBER TO ADD QUANTITIES

When you fill in the order on screen it will generate an email that goes direct to Michael’s. They’ll then deliver to the house and email an invoice so that you can pay online or ring them to pay by credit card.

To make it easier for them I’ve suggested that we go for one day of the week so that they can do all the deliveries together. I suggest that should be a Friday to fit in with bread and veg orders.

Please order by 12:00 on a Wednesday for delivery on Friday