The Hannah Ludlow Charity

Within the parish of Hankerton there is a charitable trust known as the Hannah Ludlow Charity. Formed from three original charities whose origins are in the 18th century, the charity’s remit is to support “poor and needy” young and elderly parishioners. Support may take the form of cash or be given in kind, such as heating oil, or school support.
The charity owns a small parcel of grazing land within the parish, from which it derives rental income. The income is small, but has been invaluable to parishioners in times of hardship and distress.

The Trustees try to be aware of those who may qualify for support, but cases of hardship or distress can strike at any time and the trustees do wish to ensure that parishioners are aware of the help that can be made available.

Requests for assistance can be made by the affected person, or by a concerned friend, neighbour or relative on their behalf to: The Chairman, Hannah Ludlow Charity, 1 Cloatley Road, Hankerton, Malmesbury, whenever a need arises. All contact is kept strictly confidential, and open only to the Chairman and Trustees of the charity.

If you would like any further details about the charity, please contact the chairman or see the Charity Commission website.

Terry Mockler

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