Even Faster Internet Coming To Hankerton

The arrival of the new green cabinet, positioned at the entrance of Follyfield, eventually made a ‘Superfast’ internet connection a reality to many in Hankerton. This system called Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) uses the copper telephone cables from the cabinet up to our houses, and the shorter this distance (and the less joints) the better the speed you can obtain. If you’re close enough the speed offered is adequate for most casual users today, but not if you’re further away or a heavy user. Additionally, as decades ago some of the cable it relies on was poorly installed, corrosion has led to less than expected speed. Recently I experienced a total failure and Openreach needed to replace a short length of underground cable.

Gigaclear are rolling out ‘Ultrafast’ across parts of the country and you may have noticed roadworks with big orange drums of ducting recently in the local area. This system called Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) uses a dedicated fibre optic cable straight to the house. It can provide speeds much faster than FTTC and is unaffected by distance. Hankerton is part of their plan for this year and they are currently mapping out the design. I would strongly suggest that you register your address with an interest even if you don’t think you need the potential speed now. It will likely mean that when they come past they put a point for you to connect to in the future when you do. If you are one of those who still can’t get fast internet or are a heavy user then this is a potential solution.

You can register your interest here www.gigaclear.net/postcode-checker/wiltshireonline.

17 Follyfield

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