Running Alert !

My son went for a run round the Eastcourt -Minety block on Sunday morning. Between Eastcourt House and Braydon Brook Farm he noticed a buzzard perched in a tree adjacent to the road. He kept running but before he knew it, he heard a screech and the buzzard struck him on the back of his head. He glanced behind to see it fly back to its perch.

This happened three times. When he heard the screech the fourth time he stopped, turned and shouted waving his arms and the buzzard flew off and didn’t bother him again.

He has since looked at a running website and discovered someone else had reported a similar attack in the past at the same place.

Beware the rogue buzzard.

Claudine Pynn

1 thought on “Running Alert !

  1. Alan Jackson

    My son was also attacked here one month ago while out running. What causes this behaviour? Clothing colour, movement etc?


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