New Planning Application at Minety/Upper Stonehill electricity substation

The PC has just been informed about a new planning application for a Battery Storage Facility at the Minety/Upper Stonehill electricity sub-station.  This is something that the National Grid terms a ‘balancing service’.  It stores electricity when generation is higher than demand and can release it when demand is higher than generation – particularly relevant in the era of renewable electricity.  It can store and release 50MW of electricity.   It will occupy 0.67 hectares of land immediately east of the sub-station.  There are already 3 of these under construction south of the sub-station and another permitted but not yet started to the east.  There is also of course the planning application for the Minety solar farm, awaiting Wilts Council’s decision.

The PC will respond to Wilts Council on this application by 15 Oct.

You can see the plans on the Wiltshire Council Planning webpages under the reference number 20/07390.  If you want a link use this –,914194.

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