COVID-19 Message from Wiltshire County

The following message has come from Wiltshire County :-

Dear Town and Parish Clerks,

I hope you are all well.

You will all be aware of the rising number of COVID19 cases in Wiltshire and nationally. We are seeing a significant rise in cases in the 10 to 29 year old age range and this is now spreading into older aged people. Please could I ask that you share the attached messages with your communities. If we all act now we can hopefully prevent Wiltshire from moving into increased restrictions protecting our communities and our businesses. Critical is getting this message to young people and those in their twenties, so please do share with your contacts in sports clubs, youth organisations and parents.

Thank you so much for your help. Together we can help prevent the spread.

Stay safe and keep well

Jess Gibbons
Director, Communities & Neighbourhoods

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